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Best Brunch Spots near your College Station Apartment

  • July 6, 2017
2500 Central Park - Best Brunch Spots near your College Station Apartment

Since 2500 Central Park is the community of apartments College Station students prefer, we thought we’d share a list of the nearby brunch spots that College Station students prefer. After all, what is better on a Sunday morning to waking up to a text that simple reads, “Brunch?” It’s even better when you know you’re going to one of the places below.


These restaurants also make for ideal destinations when your parents are in town. Let’s face it, brunch isn’t exactly the cheapest meal in the world. However, when your parents are in town and paying for everything, brunch is always the right move.


We’re lucky to live in College Station apartments, because this town has lots of quality brunch options, especially for a college town. You don’t have to go far from 2500 Central Park to find that perfect breakfast burrito, you just need to pick one of the restaurants we talk about below. Check out this list of College Station’s best brunch spots, and be sure to share this post with any neighbors who might be in a need of a hearty brunch.


First Watch


This is one of the busiest restaurants in town, but that’s just because their eggs are fluffy, their bacon is crispy, and their coffee is always hot and ready. The best way to avoid waiting around at First Watch is to download their app and create a reservation on there. You’ll also have to check in once you arrive at the restaurant. Once you get your table, however, you’ll realize this place is worth the trouble. You’ll really realize it once they set the pot of coffee down on your table and leave it there for the entirety of the meal.


Yelp reviewers recommend getting the avocado toast (obviously), the honey pecan salad, and the skillet hash. As you can tell, First Watch has options for all kinds of tastes, so you’re sure to find something you love.


Babe’s Doughnuts and Coffee Shop


Maple glazed bacon doughnuts, anyone? Babe’s Doughtnuts and Coffee Shop is the place for doughnut lovers and caffeine addicts alike. Actually, you can even bring your famished friends, because Babe’s serves savory meals too like honey fried chicken and other fried chicken dishes.


Unlike the coffee you’ll find at most doughnut shops, the coffee at Babe’s is actually made well and tastes good. It’s not too weak, nor is it too bitter. For a shop that gets most of their business from customers buying doughnuts, they rserve a delicious cup of coffee.


Jesse’s Taqueria and Bakery


It’s hard to find a negative review for Jesse’s Taqueria and Bakery. If you visit their Yelp page, all you’ll see is review after review talking about how big the tacos are, how friendly the staff is, and how much the customer service exceeds that of every other restaurant in College Station. Oh, and once you see the website for Jesse’s Taqueria and Bakery, you’ll have a hard time staying away.


Once again, we just want to say thanks for spending some time with us here on the 2500 Central Park blog page. It’s always nice to be able to tell residents about some of the places in town that they can take their parents too, because who doesn’t love when their parents pay for a meal or two. If you enjoyed this week’s post, we encourage to check this page again in a couple weeks. We’ll be back with more blog posts throughout the year.

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