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The Best Cafes near your College Station Apartments

  • March 2, 2017
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Welcome to March, College Station apartments residents! Congratulations on getting over the initial hump of spring semester. Pretty soon, the weather will be beautiful all the time. As we all know, however, professors don’t stop handing out homework just because it’s 80 degrees outside. If anything, your workload will increase as the temperature goes up, so you better be ready to buckle down.


You know how professors always seem to forget that you have multiple classes to worry about? Ugh, that’s the worst. Next time you’re overwhelmed with homework, try checking out one of these cozy coffee shops in Bryan/College Station. Some these cafes have the the perfect combination of caffeine and silence that you need to get your work done. Others have delicious breakfast food and a lively atmosphere where you can forget about the impending essay you have to write tomorrow night. Both kinds of cafes are necessary in college, so check out the list below!


First Watch


This is easily one of the best —if not the best—breakfast spots in College Station. No matter what you order, the food will come out tasting impossibly fresh. Some of the menu highlights include the avocado toast, the Floridian French toast and the hash skillet. We hope you’re not reading this in the morning, because you’re probably drooling on your keyboard by now.


First Watch is a special place because they really care about giving their patrons a great experience. For example, the attentive waitstaff always brings out a full pot of coffee to greet each new table. This isn’t an old, run down breakfast diner either. In fact, it’s far from it. First Watch has trendy interior decorations and the food is presented with the kind of style that begs the customer to snap a pic for Instagram.


Harvest Coffee Bar


Multiple Yelp reviews claim that Harvest Coffee Bar has the best cup of coffee in Bryan/College Station. You’ll have to find out for yourself, but we can tell you that Harvest has seemingly every possible coffee variation available for purchase. If you can’t come here and find a coffee you like, you might just not like coffee.


The atmosphere at Harvest is perfect for studying. You’ll be surrounded by brick, there’s free Wi-Fi and the music selection ranges anywhere from Johnny Cash to Bon Iver. Harvest is a refreshingly unique cafe among the many chain stores that seem to have popped up in College Station as of late. Arrive early, find a table, and settle in for the long haul at Harvest Coffee Bar.


Lupa’s Coffee Bar


How cool is it that Lupa’s has a blackboard on the wall for group projects? Now that’s a cafe that embraces being next to student housing in College Station. Lupa’s is open until 1 a.m. and they serve coffee, tea, juices and smoothies so you don’t have to chug caffeine if you don’t want to. The interior is a nice, quiet place to study that offers plenty of natural light. Lupa’s is much more low key than Harvest Coffee Bar, which means you might actually be able to find a table when you walk in.


Minuti Coffee Bar


Sometimes you need a cafe that serves something a little more substantial than coffee and granola bars. Minuti is that place. They serve fresh salads, hot sandwiches, and even little cups of gelato if you feel like treating yourself. Whether you’re looking for a place to study or a place to relax with good friends and tasty food, Minuti can accommodate your needs.
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