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Your College Station Apartments Talk Kyle Field Snacks

  • August 24, 2017

When you walk out of your College Station apartment and head to Kyle Field to watch the Aggies take on Nicholls State on Saturday, September 9th, you better bring an appetite. Last year, Kyle Field partnered with several restaurants to improve the overall concession offering at the Aggies home stadium. We’re not going to pretend that anyone goes to Kyle Field to enjoy the amazing culinary scene, but the food choices are a lot better than they used to be.


In one of our previous August blog posts, we told residents about some recipes they could whip up on Sundays to enjoy their NFL football with a feast in front of them. Today, we’ll be talking about the best food you can order at Kyle Field. Standing in a stadium while you watch football isn’t quite as comfortable as lying on your couch with a plate of nachos on your chest, but we’re not complaining. When you have the chance to watch the Aggies dominate a lower-tier team in September, you take it. Being able to enjoy the game with a corn dog or other snack in hand makes it all the better.


Below, you’ll find a list of the best concessions at Kyle Field. Check out the list below, and remember to send this post to any friends or neighbors who might be attending their first Aggie game this fall.




That’s right, folks. Everyone’s favorite poultry-related fast food joint is now at Kyle Field. Why not eat your favorite food while you watch your favorite college football team? If you can find a better chicken sandwich anywhere else at Kyle Field, we’ll eat our words.


Dippin Dots


This classic treat will never go out of style. Even though Dippin’ Dots claimed to be the “ice cream of the future” more than 10 years ago, we still love ‘em. We guarantee you get more than a few high fives when you return to your seat with a big bowl of Dippin’ Dots.


Fresh Corn Dogs


A corn dog is the perfect stadium snack. You can hold your corn dog in one hand and your drink the other, or you can cheer with your free hand. Corn dogs aren’t messy either, unless you’re terrible at eating. If you’re still eating regular hot dogs, you’re making a mistake. When you’re ready to stop spilling ketchup, mustard and relish all over yourself, switch to corn dogs and discover the snack of the future.




If you want something that’s relatively free of grease, fat and sugar, a sandwich from McAlister’s is a great choice. Of course, you’re at a football game, so why are you looking for anything but fat and grease?


Texas Popcorn Company


Finally, we arrive at the classic Kyle Field snack. Aggie games are best enjoyed with a bag of hot, salty Texas Popcorn. You can eat it with one hand if you’re good at pouring it in your mouth, and it’s cheap enough for you to not even care if you spill it everywhere.


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