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Learn to Love your College Station Apartment Kitchen

  • June 22, 2017

You’ll never find out if you’re a Top Chef prodigy if you don’t start making use of the kitchen at your College Station apartments. Here at 2500 Central Park, we provide residents with spacious kitchens that are perfect for first-time apartment dwellers. In this week’s blog, we’ll tell you about some things you can add to your fully-equipped kitchen to make it a place that you actually want to spend time in.


Although it might be tempting to go out to eat most nights of the week, that’s also a great way to go broke. On the flip side, you don’t want to be someone that eats ramen or Easy Mac every night. There’s a happy medium to be found, you just have to figure out which meals you enjoy cooking. If you’re a smart shopper at the grocery store, you can get the ingredients to make any meal for very little cost. Once you have the right ingredients, it’s all about making sure your kitchen is a room that you enjoy hanging out in.


Below, we’ve listed out four things you can do to turn your kitchen into the number one hangout spot in your house. Cooking good meals means spending time in your kitchen, so you might as well make it your favorite spot in the apartment. Find out how, in the latest post from the apartments College Station students prefer.


Set up a mini-entertainment center


Bring your Bluetooth speaker and your iPad or laptop into the kitchen so you can pull up your favorite TV show. Now, find a shelf or other surface that’s at or near eye-level and put your screen up there. Once you hit play, you’ll be in your own little binge-watching world, but you can get some cooking done while you’re there.


Add candles, flowers, or diffusers


Here’s an obvious statement: People like hanging out in rooms that smell nice. You’re no different, you might as well make sure your kitchen smells good instead of smelling like dirty dishes. This is a simple little trick, but it works on subconscious level by getting you to think of your kitchen as a nice, clean-smelling area.


Go crazy in the spice aisle


The more spices you have, the more flavor combinations you can experiment with. There’s no better way to learn how to cook than by trying, failing and trying again. You can also buy a bunch of sauces while you’re at it to provide yourself with even more flavor options. You might think you know what meals you can make, but until you’ve created your own secret combination of spices, you don’t know what you’re truly capable of.


Get yourself the gift of a kitchen gadget


It’s 2017, which means you can cook like you live in the future, because you do. If you click on this link, you’ll see just how far kitchen gadgets have come from your basic blenders and food processors. On that list alone you’ll find a mini-ice cream sandwich maker, a little grill made just for bacon, and a knife that can turn any potato into a basket of waffle fries.

As always, we really appreciate you taking some time out of your super busy summer schedule to read our latest blog post. We’re happy to help our residents get the most bang for their buck, and using the kitchen at your College Station apartment is a big part of that. If you enjoyed reading this week’s post, don’t forget to check back again next week for another edition of the 2500 Central Park blog. Also, be sure to follow us on social media so that you don’t miss a single update or event invite from your College Station apartment community.