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Mastering Adulthood at your College Station Apartment

  • April 11, 2017
adulthood college station apartment

Once you move into a community of off-campus college station apartments, you’re well on your way to joining the ranks of certified adults. When you’re in high school and during freshman year, people often look at you as a kid. You’re not expected to do as much or be as responsible as the adults around you. Essentially, you’re given a free pass a lot of the time.


That line between childhood and adulthood starts to blur a bit once you move beyond your freshman year of college. Not only do you naturally look older, but you’ve also been living on your own for awhile, out from under the wings of your parents. Society starts to demand a little more of you when you’re a sophomore, junior or senior in college. Not only do you usually have to move out of the dorms into your own apartment, you also have to start finding your own food away from the dining hall.


No one ever said it’d be easy, but there are certain perks that come with adulthood. For starters, you can make choices on your own without having to ask your parents. You can keep whatever food you want in the fridge and you can take spontaneous trips with friends whenever you want.


Of course, it’s not all fun and games. You might have a freezer full of pizza rolls and a calendar packed with road trips, but you still have to do those lame things that adults have to do. Well all know that some adults are more successful than others, and below, we’ve listed out some things that successful adults do. Lucky for you, Texas A&M has an office or department that can help you with almost everything on this list. The exception is cleaning. Texas A&M has yet to establish a Department of Cleaning A College Station Apartment.


Without further delay, here are six things that well-adjusted adults do:


  1. Pay attention to their health


The sooner you start noticing what you’re putting into your body, the sooner you can try to make healthier choices. No one’s perfect, but people who make healthy choices just feel better about their lives than people who don’t.


  1. Read up on financial fundamentals


Figure out how you can best use your credit card’s perks. Make an Excel spreadsheet that shows you how you’re spending your money. These simple financially responsible activities can go a long way towards saving you a few bucks each week.


  1. Master some basic — sometimes very basic — cooking skills.


You don’t have to be Gordon Ramsay, but you do have to be better than the kid who eats at 7-11 for lunch every day. Figure out how to make at least three meals that you like, then go from there.


  1. Make it a habit to declutter.


Stress builds as you take on more responsibility, but you don’t have to let clutter add to that stress. Don’t be that person that has to scramble to clean their apartment when friends comes over. Just de-clutter as you go!


  1. Focus on their career, not just their job


By focusing on your long-term career goals, you’ll never get too down about a bad day at work or an especially harsh boss. As long as you stay on the career path you’ve created for yourself, you can rest easy.


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