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Texas Travel Plans from your Apartments in College Station

  • February 22, 2017
apartments in college station

Spring is right around the corner, Aggies! 2500 Central Park’s affordable apartments in College Station make it so you have plenty of money leftover for travel this spring. Of course, March, April and May have plenty of college-friendly holidays to look forward to as well like St. Patrick’s Day, Spring Break (hey, it’s basically a holiday) and Cinco De Mayo.


We’re guessing you don’t have plans to make the trip to Shamrock, Texas for St. Patrick’s Day, although it certainly sounds like a road trip of worth making. Cinco De Mayo is always a blast, but it falls on the busiest week of the year for college students. Everyone is cramming for finals by speed-reading their textbooks and them BAM, Cinco De Mayo comes along and interrupts all that hard work. Hey, that’s why we offer some of the most study-friendly student housing in College Station. If you need to hide away in our study lounge, we got your back.


Spring Break is the best of the three big events. If you’re going to South Padre or somewhere similar, use our healthy eating tips to prepare yourself for a whole week of beachside living. That blog post about healthy foods will likely be a stark contrast from your diet while on Spring Break. We all know you’re going to hit Wal-Mart to stock up on pizza rolls and pop-tarts as soon as you get to your Spring Break destination. Fresh fruits and veggies aren’t really in abundance during Spring Break, so you may as well frontload your body with vitamins now. Of course, healthy eating works best when paired with healthy activities. The team at 2500 Central Park put together this list of outdoorsy activities that Texas A&M students can easily access with a car and a full tank of gas.


Outdoor destinations this spring


Pendernales Falls State Park, Johnson City, Texas


The quick and easy adventure at Pendernales is the .5 mile hike called the Twin Falls Nature Trail. This short trail leads to a scenic overlook where you can snap pictures of the beautiful Pendernales Falls. The more treacherous adventure involves a 6 mile hike along the Wolf Mountain Trail. Use this route if you’re interested in going around a couple mountains and down through a couple canyons.


McKinney Falls State Park, Austin, Texas

Just 13 short miles from the Texas state capitol sits McKinney Falls State Park, a sparkling piece of nature punctuated by swimming holes, fishing holes, and plenty of camping and cabins for you lodging needs. You don’t even need a fishing license to fish here. Just throw your rod in Onion Creek or Williamson Creek and see what happens. The best part of this park is the location. If weather ruins your trip, you’ll be able to find something to do in Austin’s vibrant restaurant and arts scene.  

Hamilton Pool and Jacobs Well, Austin, Texas

Although there is currently no swimming allowed at Hamilton Pool, that doesn’t make it any less beautiful. The 50 foot waterfall falls into an underground pool, which was created when a large chunk of the earth fell into the cavern below. This is legitimately one of the most beautiful locations in Texas, and a guaranteed 100 Instagram likes.

Garner State Park, Concan, Texas

Take one look at the Frio River winding through the Texas Hill country and then try to decide —with a straight face— not to visit Garner State Park. The park offers plenty of lodging accommodations including screened-in shelters, cabins and campsites. They also offer paddle boats and kayaks for rent so you can get an up-close-and-personal view of the Frio River as it winds through the hills and Valleys just west of San Antonio.

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